I talked earlier this summer about trying to get a certification and now it's getting really close to crunch time.  I signed up to attempt to get the E-Learn security EJPT certification and the time that I have scheduled for this is the week after Labor Day.  I took some vacation from work to try and see what I can do with this certification.  I hope that all the TryHackMe.com rooms that I have done pay off and I can pass this certification on the first attempt.

I have been studying for the summer and feel that I am ready for this but there are always nerves in taking tests.  If I pass this I hope that it will help secure an entery level positions somewhere, I hear that there is a need for security personel but I have been unable to find a position somewhere.  I am no complaining about the job that I have but I would love to move in this direction.

I will post a review without any spoilers once I complete the test.  As always, if you have questions or feedback about anything I say please email me.

EJPT certification test