eJPT Certification

eJPT Certification
Photo by Dell / Unsplash

Today I passed the eJPT certification on the second attempt. The first one I missed by 1 question and was disappointed with how the test went.

What I mean by that is the pivoting portion of the test was a nightmare. The proxy would stay up for one page view on the server on the other side and then it would timeout and I would have to reestablish the connection to the server. That really slowed down the whole test and some of the questions I didn't get to because it was unfeasible to try to run the tool.

I don't want to give away to much of the test but I did learn a little bit more about using some tools and being able to find multiple ways to work through a problem. Now I can say that I know a few things about attacking networks and computers.

I will be working on posting some articles in the future about the way that I used on the certification exam. Nmap was a useful tool that I used heavily in the exam, cracking passwords with different tools, how to enumerate websites and a few other useful items.

Here is a link to the Certification. I am now going to work my way towards the PNPT that is offered by TCM security.

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