How to use gpg on a Apple MacBook

How to use gpg on a Apple MacBook
Photo by Chris Ried / Unsplash

Hello all, recently I was converted to a Mac user and when coming from Linux there were a few hiccups that I had to get used to. A few of the hiccups were getting used to the fact that applications are more expensive and a few of the features I am used to with Linux don't natively exist in the Mac world.

One of those features is GPG. I created an article a while ago on how to create and use GPG in Linux and today I am going to talk about getting it to work with a new Apple MacBook.

The application that I chose to use is called GPG Suite. The program is free if you don't want to have the plugin for Mac's default email application or $24 to purchase the program and it comes with updates.

Once the program is installed on your machine, you can use it like you would in Linux in the terminal. As seen in the picture below.

Using the plugin in the email application feels pretty straight forward in how to use it. I have encrypted a few emails with different people and it works as advertised. The application allows you to upload your public key to the key server for someone else to download and communicate with you securely.

I will post other articles and observations about my journey of using a Mac after having a Linux machine for a long time.

As always, if you have questions or feedback about anything I say please email me.