Internet Access for all?

Internet Access for all?
Photo by NASA / Unsplash

With everything on the internet these days, why is it that big population centers are the only areas that have reliable high speed internet. An example of the unfairness of this situation is, my parents live about 5 miles outside of the local town and they can't get wired high speed internet and can only use cellular devices to access the internet.

What is high speed internet? We need to talk with our government representatives to work with the FCC to revisit what the definition of high speed internet is. Currently the standard that needs to be met is 25Mbps down and 3Mbps up and that is not that fast for our needs in the present day. This is an uphill battle because of the influence of the major telecoms that are paying people for the rules to stay the same.

Solutions to the problem? In my opinion, high speed internet access should be handled like electricity distribution for rural areas. There should be cooperatives of people that can work together to bring internet access to their area.

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