I am writing this because I feel that there is a lot of hate focused towards Russia, which I do not disagree with but the focus of this should be directed at the Russian government and not the ordinary people that the changes effect the most. Remember that in war the people that suffer the most are the ordinary citizens of the country and not the people in power.

What I would like to talk about is terminating Russian access to the global internet. There are many countries and people that would like to see Russia cut off from the internet. That is a dramatic step in the wrong direction because that move allows Putin's propaganda to be even more effective because the ordinary citizens cannot get an alternative source of information. Cloudflare's CEO, Matthew Prince, had an article why Cloudflare is choosing not to drop Russia from their services.

Other companies are choosing to cut off the pipeline to the internet as Brian Krebs article talked about. The criminals and people at the top will always have access to what they need and this step will harm the ordinary people the most.

If you think I am incorrect please contact me, I am curious to hear other opinions on this matter. As always if you have questions or feedback about anything I say please email me.


Internet access restricted for Russia