I have been making more progress through the TCM security courses on my way to getting the base knowledge needed for the PNPT certification.

I am still planning on attempting that certification this fall and I hope that I can pass on the first or second time (so that I don’t have to purchase any more attempts). There is a lot of just base level knowledge that is needed and I feel that I know some of the things from the eJPT that I took and then it there is something else that is needed to know to accomplish a task.

One of the weaknesses I have is Python and I have been sticking a lot of my effort into learning that so that I can start to create scripts. At work I have started to use python scripts to automate stuff that I need to do to switches/routers.

As always if you have questions or need to ask questions please email me at feedback@markschindel.com and have a great day/night.

Progress for the PNPT