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Studying for the eJPT

Studying for the eJPT
Photo by Matt Ragland / Unsplash

I have been making steady progress towards me feeling confident that I can pass the eJPT later this year. For my note taking I have made an account at Notion and converted all my text documents into content on that platform. That has been a process in learning how to use the new platform and then convert all the information into an easy to use format.

I have been steadily make my way through more and more rooms on TryHackMe and starting to give a whirl to more HacktheBox. If there are any more sites that I should be checking out please email me. I am trying to spend more time learning that but life gets in the way constantly and I can honestly say summer is probably not the best time to do these kind of things.

If you have questions or feedback about anything I say please email me.