Using Docusaurus and markdown at work

Using Docusaurus and markdown at work
Photo by Alex Conradt / Unsplash

At work, I have started to use Docusaurus to convert all of our MS Word documents into an easier to use system that can be accessed via a web browser. I happened to stumble across this system while looking at documentation on how to use the MarkDown language to write these articles for my website. A great website that I use to help learn markdown is this site.

The setup of the system is actually simple and I plan on hosting it internally at work when I am done converting all the MS Word docs over. Self-hosting looks like it is a more limited option but it also keeps the data "safer" because of being inside of the network.

One downside to this whole situation is that I have to create documentation on how to use the new documentation system. It seems that there is no end to documentation processes. The joys of managing the department and the process improvements that can be found.

I am also open to other suggestions that people may have in a free/low cost solution to improving documentation. Anything has to be better than using individual MS Word documents.

As always, if you have questions or feedback about anything I say please email me.