Preparation for next cert

Preparation for next cert
Photo by Alexandru Acea / Unsplash

So far I have been super impressed with the training that is offered by TCM Academy. I have been working my way through the different modules and Heath does a great job at breaking down the various concepts well. I just got done with the module that talks about finding buffer overflows, which I know nothing about, and I can now say I understand a little more than I did before.

I will hopefully be able to take this knowledge and pass the PNPT certification next year. I do look forward to this next step in the staircase of life and what it will do for my future employment.

I have a feeling that whatever job I get in the security field that there will always be other certifications/requirements that I will need to pass in addition to the general security knowledge that is needed.

Don’t forget to check out the Advent of Cyber event from Try Hack Me. By completing the tasks you can be entered into the contest to win some pretty sweet stuff. This event is always a good time to freshen up on the basics and learn some new stuff because they are always changing it from year to year.

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